As leaves fall from the trees and outside starts to look bland from constant overcast weather, you can bring color and cheer to the holidays by flying bright, custom pennant flags. Traditional decorations for the holidays are still important, but a custom pennant flag from Dori Pole can give you the eye-catching motion of a pennant in the wind, combined with the bright, cheerful colors of the season. Whether you live on a lake, own a roadside business, or simply want to show off your holiday spirit, Dori Pole has something for you.

Crafted for you

When we say custom pennant flags at Dori Pole, we mean the entire design can be specially printed for you. Digitally printed across the entire pennant, Dori Pole uses dye-sublimation bleed-through imaging so both sides of the pennant are the same color and vibrancy. Dori Pole pennants are designed to fly through the air, so this process of crafting our custom pennant flags ensures they look perfect while flapping in the air.

Your design

Dori Pole can craft the perfect custom pennant flag whether you have the correct design in mind or not. If you have artwork that you would like implemented into a pennant, Dori Pole simply charges for the preparation of your digital file before applying it to your pennant. If you aren’t quite sure the design you’re looking for this holiday season, Dori Pole can assist you in designing your pennant including one art change for a simple fee. No matter what you choose, Dori Pole is committed to helping you get the perfect design that you have in mind for your pennants.

Dori Pole’s custom pennants are a great addition that can last for many winters to come. Contact us today to see what designs you can come up with for the holiday season!

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