While it’s warm and we have days that are perfect to be out on the green, you can always ensure you or guests to your golf course play uninterrupted with bird-deterring pennants. As a product developed by a landscape architect, Dori Pole not only provides functionality, but eye-catching aesthetic as well. By installing Dori Poles at your golf course, you can add motion, color, and excitement to every hole.

Harmless flags

Compared to the frustration of dealing with lingering birds or having to shoo them away somehow, Dori Pole tackles the problem before it starts. Functioning as an effective bird deterrent, Dori Pole can keep your course clear of annoying birds that might ruin your perfect game. Whether it’s geese, gulls, or any other nuisance bird, you course will stay clear where you want it to by installing Dori Poles.

Course colors

When shopping Dori Pole, make sure you get the color combination that best suits your course! Whether it’s colors to match your course’s logo, colors of the season, or holiday hues, your Dori Pole pennants provide a bright flash of color to every hole they’re put onto. With single and dual color pennant available in a large variety of tones, you can get the exact combination you’re looking for.

Directional use

Dori Pole pennants rotate and flow horizontally in even the slightest of breezes. So, on every golf hole of your course, you can not only have a beautiful addition to your greens, but also give your golfers a great indicator of which direction the wind is blowing before they take their swing. Easy to manage and set up, there’s no downside to adding a Dori Pole to your course!

Used all over the world, Dori Pole is a great addition to any setting. When you need a way to harmlessly deter birds or add color and motion to your property, Dori Pole is the best choice.

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