With summer here, many towns and cities are celebrating annual events, and you can bring color and motion to yours with quality festival flags from Dori Pole. By flying a pennant on our durable fiberglass poles, you bring an extra element to your decoration that is sure to be noticed by everyone visiting. No matter what your festival is, Dori Pole is sure to have the colors and size to match.

Rain or shine

As we all know, weather can be unpredictable. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t fly your festival flags from Dori Pole! Weather resistant and ready to be used when you need them, Dori Poles can stay up all throughout a festival, no matter the conditions.

Guide guests

With the different color options available for festival flags from Dori Pole, you can guide guests to your event with ease. Easily noticeable with bright colors and flowing movement, Dori Pole can be used as a marker for different areas of your festival. Simply put into your program which areas are designated by a corresponding Dori Pole pennant colors, and you can guide your guests to events, areas of interest, and more.

Year after year

The durability of Dori Pole means that when you invest in a set for festival flags, you invest in the future. You can use Dori Pole year after year for special events, with the occasional purchase of pennants to update colors whenever you need to. With bundles available for everything you need to fly a pennant with Dori Pole, you can get your festival prepared with ease.

Dori Pole provides quality fiberglass poles and pennants for festivals, lakefronts, tailgating, and more. Contact us to see what great offers we have available!

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