As steady, warm temperatures continue and your lakefront property gets docks and boat lifts in the water, you can add an element of fun and beauty to the collection with a fiberglass pole and pennant from Dori Pole. A simple, yet effective solution to beautifying any area, your waterfront can be given color and motion with Dori Pole.

The equipment

Dori Pole’s fiberglass poles give your property the perfect pennant flag system that is built to be outdoors. The rotating top of each Dori Pole allows your pennant to fly with the wind without stressing the pole below, so no matter which way the wind is blowing, your flag flies with ease. With the tension arm system that your pennant flags attach to, you can easily switch out flags as they accrue natural wear-and-tear or when you feel like changing up your color scheme.

Find your dock

By choosing the right pennant flags, you can easily find your dock when out on the water. If there are multiple properties around yours, sometimes it may be hard to spot your specific area when out on the water. But, with a bright and beautiful pennant from Dori Pole, you can spot your area with ease, and be proud to know everyone else who is on the water can see your eye-catching pennants fly in the wind.

Your colors

With the color options offered by Dori Pole, you can decorate your dock in a way that represents your interests or personality. Whether it’s a bright and cheerful yellow, a soothing green, or a two-color flag representing your favorite sports team, Dori Pole’s color options will make your dock stand out the right way.

Dori Pole’s fiberglass poles are the lightweight, flexible option that guarantee you an impressive and eye-catching addition to your waterfront. Contact us today to see what works best for you!

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