With another year of school just around the corner, your institution or business can welcome returning students this year with eye-catching pennant flags. Dori Pole is the pennant flag system that offers beautiful, vibrant pennants that can bring color and motion to your back to school events. With the ease of Dori Pole, you can welcome students year after year in an impressive and simple way.

Mark locations

With the motion of Dori Pole, you can easily attract attention to stops students need to make on their back to school visits. Whether it’s orientation for a first-time college student or elementary school students meeting their teachers and looking for the school entrance, Dori Pole can act as guide. From our shortest to our tallest, the pennants flowing from our fiberglass poles will bring attention to where you need it.

Raise spirit

Dori Pole comes in a large variety of colors that you can choose from, so you can perfectly match your school or university’s. This not only allows you to get students filled with school pride by seeing their colors, but it also allows your pennants to be used for any other occasion at your school as well. Whether it’s a sporting event, graduation, or any other happening that attracts a lot of people, Dori Pole can bring the spirit of your school.

Easy maintenance

With the ability to be easily taken down and set up over and over, Dori Pole makes it easy for you to use your pennants at every event. By simply retracting your extended pole, you can easily get to your pennant flags and fold them to be stored for future use.

When your school is looking for another way to bring excitement to the beginning of the school year, look no further than Dori Pole. Take a look through our color options and see what pennant flags you can get for your back to school events!

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