When hanging flags to accent a property, the poles that they go on can be just as important as the flags themselves, and the fiberglass poles from Dori Pole can give you the strong hold you need. When hanging a flag, you want to ensure that the flag lasts its full lifespan, and the poles from Dori Pole have the strength and capability to do so.

Fit any venue

Whether fair grounds or private property, the fiberglass poles from Dori Pole give you the options and capabilities you need to fit any space. Almost every Dori Pole is telescoping, capable of extending far beyond initial length. So, if you don’t have much height to work with, you can still fly your pennant without worry. But, if there are a lot of stands surrounding yours or you with to fly high in your backyard, you can extend your Dori Pole to its full length and see your pennant flow in the wind from up high.

Rotating top

When a pole, and, therefore, its flag, is stationary, this can cause extra stress on the flag and pole, leading to possible damage of the flag. Dori Pole’s fiberglass poles, with their rotating/telescoping parts, can face the direction of the wind, to ensure that no damage is sustained due to higher wind speeds. This allows the pole to bend in a way that makes sense for air flow and won’t put stress on the pole as well.

Versatile base

With options of ground stakes, ground sleeves, wheel stands, and more, Dori Pole has the choice of bases you need to take Dori Pole anywhere. Perfect for a variety of uses, your fiberglass pole and pennant flag can bring color and movement to any scenario.

A proven, recognized system, Dori Pole is the pole and pennant combination you can count on. If you need display poles that will bring attention and aesthetic to your properties, contact us today!

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