As summer comes to an end you may want to get in as much time on the lake as you can. While you are getting the most out of your lakeside property, you can still prevent pest birds from making a mess as you enjoy this last month of summer. If you are looking for a bird deterrent that also functions as a stylish outdoor decoration, the pennant flags from Dori Pole offer an ideal solution!

Warn Away Pest Birds With a Humane Deterrent

Offering a safe and humane bird deterrent, the pennant flags from Dori Pole can keep your lakeside property free of the messes that birds can leave behind, and the health hazards that could result from them. Unlike other bird deterrent systems like laser deterrents that actively work to keep birds away, the pennant flags from Dori Pole create a waving motion that birds naturally avoid, warning birds away from your dock, pontoon, boat, or any other space where our pennant flags are flown.

Create an Impressive Outdoor Display

While they make for an effective bird repellant, the pennants from Dori Pole also serve as an excellent outdoor decoration. Whether you are looking to keep birds away, or just want to add flying colors to your lakeside property, our pennants make an ideal choice. Offering a wide selection of patterns and styles, and even custom printed pennants, you’ll be able to provide your space with flying outdoor decorations of your choice.

Fly Your Pennant Flag Anywhere

With Pennant flags available in 8- and 14-foot sizes, and fiberglass Dori Poles in 12-, 13.5-, and 19- foot sizes, whether you want a short low flying flag for a pontoon boat, or a tall flag for your waterfront property, you will be able to get a flag that fits your space. With a variety of mounting options like the dock mount, pontoon mount, ground sleeve, ground stakes, and more, you will be able to fly your Dori Pole pennant whenever and wherever you want.

When you are looking for a way to keep pest birds away from your lakeside property so that you can enjoy the last weeks of summer, the pennants from Dori Pole offer both an effective and humane bird deterrent, as well as an impressive outdoor decoration. Browse our selection of pennants, poles, and mounting options online, or contact us today to let us help you find the perfect Dori Pole solution for your property’s bird deterrent needs.

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