With summer nearing its halfway point, the fall season is just on the horizon, and with it comes a brand-new season of college sports to look forward to. With colors to match any team, no matter which school you want to support through the fall football season, you can you show your team spirit by flying your team’s colors with the collegiate pennant flags from Dori Pole. Offering a vast selection of collegiate team colors, the pennant flags from Dori Pole can make for an excellent way to root for your team.

Fly the Colors of Your Favorite Teams

With a wide range of colors that represent most of the schools throughout the United States, you’ll have no trouble finding poles with the colors that will help represent your school. Whether you’re rooting for a team in the big ten, or want to support the school you attended, you’ll no doubt be able to find a pennant that’s perfect for your team. Available in eight-foot and fourteen-foot lengths, the pennants from Dori Pole make for excellent collegiate event flags for any college sports outing.

Perfect for Parties and Tailgates

With sturdy fiberglass poles, the pennant flags from Dori Pole can be displayed almost everywhere thanks to the different mounting options available. Whether you’re looking to fly your teams’ colors in your front yard, or at a tailgate party, you’ll always be able to show off your team spirit. With ground stakes you’ll always be able to temporarily fly your flag, and with the ground sleeve, you’ll always have a permanent spot ready for games, parties, and more. Thanks to the wheel stand, you’ll even be able to mount your collegiate pennant flag wherever you can take your car, making for an impressive display of support for your team at any tailgate party.

With flying colors that will help you show your team spirit, and mounting options that let you place your pennant anywhere the collegiate pennant flags from Dori Pole can make for an excellent way to support your school during any of their sporting events. Whether you are tailgating, or just want to display your school spirit around your home, the pennant flags from Dori Pole will help you create an impressive outdoor display of team colors. Browse our selection of collegiateteam color banners or contact us today to learn more about the banners and banner mounting options offered by Dori Pole.


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