So you pulled the trigger, added a Dori Pole to your cart and now it’s on its way to your doorstep. But, now what? What can you do with your new pennant flag? What daily, weekly, monthly and yearly events will be made easier – or more effective – by your purchase? Well, this post’s for you! In this post, we’re going to look at three ingenious uses for your new Dori Pole!

Garage sales

With winter on its way, that means spring is only a few months away… and that means spring cleaning! After tidying up, fly your Dori Pole to advertise your garage sale. You can even make signs directing drivers to “follow the flag!”

Backyard barbecues

Having a gathering of friends? Lift your Dori Pole to the sky! Don’t just fly it the day of, keep it up weeks in advance to ensure that nuisance birds – geese and ducks – don’t make a mess of your deck or patio.

Dock maintenance

Speaking of nuisance birds, are you tired of cleaning bird messes off of your dock or boat? Do you dread walking out, every day, and dodging “land mines” on your way to what should be a calm, peaceful afternoon on the water? Dori Pole pennant flags are great for preventing nuisance birds from making a mess of your property. The flags’ constant movement and towering presence keeps these birds from congregating in the first place!

At Dori Pole, we can think of about a million uses for our Dori Pole pennant flags. Whether you’re looking to gain the attention of friends, family or pedestrians, our flags are a great way to announce your presence. On the other hand, if you’re looking to shirk the attention of nuisance birds – and the mess they bring with them – our pennant flags are great for that also! So, if you want to add a dose of color to your property, be sure to take a look at our online store!

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