A Handful of Amazing Uses for Your New Dori Pole!

If you’ve recently purchased a Dori Pole, you probably already have a good idea of what you’re going to use it for. But, why stop there? There are so many ways to use your new Dori Pole that we’re confident that you’ll find yourself employing it in new, innovative ways that even we haven’t considered! […]

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The Birds Are Back! Keep Your Property Clean By Using Dori Pole as a Bird Deterrent

The cold weather is melting away and, as it departs, Michigan’s feathered friends are starting to return. Geese, ducks, and other nuisance birds are now finding their ways onto properties across the country and, with their return, they are “marking” their territory by leaving a big, ugly mess! While the birds themselves can be beautiful, […]

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Start Planning for the Return of Birds with Dori Poles: a Great Bird Deterrent

With winter weather (hopefully) rolling out soon, it’s time to start thinking about bird deterrents. Whether you’re looking to protect your patio, deck, lawn, boat, or vehicles from the mess that nuisance birds create, our Dori Poles are a great way to prevent the congregation of birds and, more importantly, the accumulation of mess. Not […]

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Promote Your Neighborhood Garage Sales with a Pennant Flag from Dori Pole!

While we’re in the throes of winter, it’s time to start thinking about everyone’s favorite time of the year: spring cleaning! Well, maybe it’s not anyone’s favorite but it’s a time-honored tradition and an unfortunate necessity. Every year, thousands of local communities band together to hold neighborhood-wide garage sales to recycle unwanted items culled from […]

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Mark the Occasion with a Glorious, Vibrant Dori Pole Pennant Flag

Tis the season for all manner of occasions: rousing holiday parties, block-encompassing retail sales and charitable fundraising events. With so many occasions on the calendar – and on the streets – it can be difficult to find ways to distinguish your event from your competitors. Competition doesn’t necessarily have to mean retail, either! What if […]

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Three More Great Uses for Your Dori Pole Pennant Flag!

In our last post, we offered up three ingenious uses for your Dori Pole pennant flag. Well, why stop there? Dori Poles have so many uses that we could write an entire novel about them! So, if you’ve been wondering about the best uses for your new Dori Pole, you’re in the right place! In […]

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Three Ingenious Uses for Your New Dori Pole Pennant Flag

So you pulled the trigger, added a Dori Pole to your cart and now it’s on its way to your doorstep. But, now what? What can you do with your new pennant flag? What daily, weekly, monthly and yearly events will be made easier – or more effective – by your purchase? Well, this post’s […]

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Boost Foot Traffic – and Sales! – at Your Next Retail Event with Dori Pole Pennant Flags

If you’ve noticed lagging attendance – and sales – at your retail events, you are likely looking for new, affordable ways to promote them. Sure, you could pursue a new marketing campaign, be it television, radio or billboards, but those are “one and done” promotions that don’t help you in the future. While they’re great […]

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Crowded Event? Distinguish Yourself With Stunning Pennants From Dori Pole!

Most vendors have been there… you roll up to a crowded event, unpack your wares, set up your displays and realize that you’re awash in a sea of competition. Maybe it’s a local art fair. Maybe it’s a neighborhood garage sale. Maybe it’s a food truck rally. No matter what the event is – or […]

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A Dori Pole Testimonial That Really Got Our Attention!

Dori Pole has many fans, as I hope you can imagine!  It’s one of those unique products that is appealing and useful for businesses, organizations such as festivals and then now in the past seven years consumers are finding them attractive and effective at outdoor areas such as lake homes and cottages. We get testimonials […]

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