With winter weather (hopefully) rolling out soon, it’s time to start thinking about bird deterrents. Whether you’re looking to protect your patio, deck, lawn, boat, or vehicles from the mess that nuisance birds create, our Dori Poles are a great way to prevent the congregation of birds and, more importantly, the accumulation of mess. Not only that, but they are a stunning addition to your property in their own right! With a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes available, we can help you find a configuration that complements your home or business’ aesthetic design and, even better, keeps those bothersome birds away from your property.

We’ve heard it time after time, year after year: Dori Poles are a top-notch bird deterrent. Businesses, golf courses, boat and home owners sing their praises after one season. We’ve heard it all, from how Dori Poles have helped minimize patio maintenance to how they have kept our clients’ boats pristine and party ready.

At Dori Pole, we pride ourselves on helping our clients attract wanted attention and, just as important, avoid unwanted attention. Our pennant flags have been designed to be easy, fast, and simple to install. But, even better, they are designed to enhance the appearance of your property while simultaneously keeping nuisance birds away. If you’ve been looking for an effective way to keep your property clean, be sure to visit our online shop today!

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