Tis the season for all manner of occasions: rousing holiday parties, block-encompassing retail sales and charitable fundraising events. With so many occasions on the calendar – and on the streets – it can be difficult to find ways to distinguish your event from your competitors. Competition doesn’t necessarily have to mean retail, either! What if your neighbors down the road are throwing a holiday party on the same night? With a Dori Pole pennant flag, you can alert your guests that – hey! – you’re heading to the right place! In this post, we’re going to look at how Dori Pole can help you mark your occasions – and welcome your guests – with our vibrant, eye-catching pennant flags.

Holiday parties

Whether you’re throwing an office party, a family get-together or a city-wide bash, Dori Poles are a great way to guide visitors to your location and, more importantly, show your holiday spirit! Available in a wide range of colors, our pennant flags can be customized to reflect the themes – and colors – of your event.

Retail sales

Got a grand opening planned? Working up a massive holiday markdown sale? Dori Pole pennant flags are ideal for drawing attention and, even better, drawing a crowd. Towering above nearby buildings, our flags can give you the visibility that you need to stand out from your competition. Even better, you can integrate our pennants right into your promotion by telling customers to “follow the flags to major savings!”

Aiming to provide retailers and celebrators, businesses and individuals with a beautiful, cost-efficient way to promote their upcoming events, Dori Pole produces the industry’s most durable – and effective – pennant flags. If you’ve got a party, event or bash planned this holiday, be sure to visit our online store to order your Dori Pole today!

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