The cold weather is melting away and, as it departs, Michigan’s feathered friends are starting to return. Geese, ducks, and other nuisance birds are now finding their ways onto properties across the country and, with their return, they are “marking” their territory by leaving a big, ugly mess! While the birds themselves can be beautiful, it’s difficult to overlook the havoc that they can wreak on your property. Whether it’s your patio, your porch, your dock, or your storefront, cleaning the messes left by nuisance birds can be bothersome, cumbersome task… so why not avoid it? In today’s post, we’re going to look at how Dori Pole can act as a bird deterrent, keeping your property clean and your free time… well… free!

Intimidating size

The massive, towering size of Dori Pole pennant flags is a scary sight to birds. Because of this, Dori Pole can frighten birds off, keeping them from gathering on your property.

Stunning colors

While it’s great to scare off birds, it’s more important to keep your property aesthetically pleasing. That’s the whole point, after all! Dori Pole is available in a range of colors, allowing you to add flair – and beauty – to your property all while acting as an effective bird deterrent.

Welcoming appearance

Great at keeping birds away, Dori Poles are also great at welcoming company into your home or business. Tall, colorful, and cheerful, they are a good way to announce your location and alert visitors to your presence.

At Dori Pole, we want everyone to enjoy a fun, warm, and relaxing summer. By helping our customers keep nuisance birds off their property, we free up time that would otherwise be spent cleaning. In addition to that, we add a vibrant splash of color to the already beautiful summer landscape!

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