Are you planning and outdoor festival? A food truck rally? An art festival or a community garage sale? If so, you’re undoubtedly looking for creative ways to increase foot traffic and announce the event to nearby pedestrians. Well, you’re in luck! Dori Pole pennant flags are a time-tested and proven way to raise awareness while simultaneously beautifying the area around you. With their vibrant colors and propensity for swaying in even the slightest breeze, Dori Pole flags don’t just announce your presence, they establish a fun, playful mood for the entire event.

One of the most difficult challenges faced by organizers is fitting marketing materials into the budget. While flyers, bulletin boards and street signs are an option, they are typically “one time only” materials and are discarded at the conclusion of the event. Dori Pole’s custom pennant flags, on the other hand, can be reused, day after day, event after event, year after year. In that sense, purchasing a Dori Pole flag is much, much more than a disposable marketing element, it’s a long-term investment in the success of future events.

At Dori Pole, we aim to provide vendors, organizers and retail stores with a way to effectively advertise their upcoming – and ongoing – events. We believe that the most powerful marketing materials are persistent… they can be reused, linked to your brand and customized to your specific needs. In this respect, we are confident that Dori Pole pennant flags can truly contribute to the success of your events. If you’ve been searching for a cost-effective, long-term way to draw a crowd and attract customers to your outdoor events, be sure to visit our online store to start looking for your perfect pennant flag today!

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