Keep Your Fairways Goose-Free With Dori Pole Pennants!

“These pennant things are amazing! The geese are actually afraid of them,” says golf pro Dick Stewart of the Kalamazoo Country Club. For a long time, John Fulling, the superintendent of the country club, had been searching for a way to deter geese from leaving messes on the 12th and 13th tees. The club is […]

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Dori Pole Cottage and Lake House Customers are Great!

With the use of Dori Pole Pennants on the rise in cottages and lake homes across America, their owners are quickly becoming some of our favorite customers! Not only are they telling us about how they’re using our products, they’re having a blast while doing it! So, when we get a chance to talk to […]

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Deter Nuisance Birds and Keep Geese off Your Lake Docks and Rafts with Dori Pole

The topic of deterring geese, ducks and nuisance birds from despoiling property is a common topic at Dori Pole. As the manufacturer of the Dori Pole Pennant System and the owner of a lake cottage in Michigan – in an area where birds love to leave their droppings – we know how disheartening it is […]

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