With the use of Dori Pole Pennants on the rise in cottages and lake homes across America, their owners are quickly becoming some of our favorite customers! Not only are they telling us about how they’re using our products, they’re having a blast while doing it! So, when we get a chance to talk to them about how they discovered us and what led to them purchasing a Dori Pole, we ask for as many pictures as possible, just so we can see how they’re putting our products to use.

One of our favorite examples comes from a good “Dori Pole Friend” near Memphis, Tennessee:

“We saw the Dori Poles around Clark Lake, Michigan while visiting there and fell in love with them! There was one on the dock of the cottage we rented and we were told it was there to scare off the geese, which really appealed to us, as we have a goose problem here on Walnut Grove Lake.

Then, the next day during a boat ride, we saw lots of Dori Poles in all the different colors and we all decided we had to get them. So, when we got back to the cottage we did some serious Googling and found them on your web site. We each picked out the color we wanted and even contacted a couple of our friends back home and told them they needed to get one, to trust us, to pick out a color for them! Now we have 6 flags on the lake and they look so festive. The 7th will go on one of our neighborhood docks as soon as we have it refinished next week.” (MM, Cordova, TN)

With such a wonderful story, it’s obvious why Dori Poles are so beloved. First, the color and motion produced by even the smallest breeze creates a festive, cheerful look that can’t be denied. Second, the way that Dori Poles help to deter geese and other nuisance birds. Another reason that we’ve heard from our customers when asked why they love their Dori Poles is that they act as signposts, helping visitors find their home easily. Additionally, with the simplicity of changing pennants, it’s easy to switch from one color to another when the season – or your mood – changes.

If you’ve been looking for a novel way to keep the outdoor areas of your lake house or cottage clear of nuisance birds, look no further! Dori Pole can help you attract attention, lift spirits and deter geese. To learn more about our products, take a look at our products page and, of course, if you have any questions please feel free to email us any time!

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