“These pennant things are amazing! The geese are actually afraid of them,” says golf pro Dick Stewart of the Kalamazoo Country Club. For a long time, John Fulling, the superintendent of the country club, had been searching for a way to deter geese from leaving messes on the 12th and 13th tees. The club is located adjacent to a small urban lake that has been co-opted by the birds who seem determined to spoil the otherwise well-maintained grounds.

Fulling says that the 100-year-old club has tried wires, ground-hugging ribbons, dogs and a number of other so-called solutions to no avail. On their behest, we helped them test our Dori Pole Pennant Flags, placing four of them approximately 80 yards apart along the shore. Strategically positioned to stay outside the range of the golfers, the 20’ high, 15’ long pennants flutter as the wind blows, making geese uncomfortable and discouraging their congregation on the club’s grounds.

“The effect is uncanny”, says Stewart, “but, in those rare times when there is no breeze at all the geese start to move onto shore and trot right back up to the green and tees. Fortunately, we get enough wind that the pennants are probably at least 80% effective.”

Kalamazoo Country Club had already owned six Dori Poles that matched their colors and were used to promote during outdoor celebrations and special events, such as the annual “Invitational Tournament” and the February Winter Carnival. Additionally, the club often rented them out to parties that were holding outdoor weddings on the property.

If you know of a golf course that is experiencing problems with geese and other nuisance birds, be sure to let them know about the effectiveness of Dori Pole! Encourage them to visit our site, take a look at our products and learn how their grounds can be better protected with the use of our amazing pennant flag system.

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