Dori Poles are great for drawing attention to your business. With pennants flying between 13.5 feet and 22 feet in the air, they’re able to capture the attentions of even the most inattentive customers. Not only that, but our Dori Poles serve a number of other important functions, such as deterring nuisance birds and keeping your property clean. For these reasons, marinas absolutely love the Dori Pole pennant flag system!

One marina, MarineMax located in Wilmington, North Carolina, has installed a number of Dori Poles throughout their properties. Utilizing the poles for different applications, MarineMax enjoys the flexibility of the system, specifically its ability to transition from an aesthetic embellishment to a fully-functional piece of equipment that keeps their grounds clean.

Hosting several red, white and blue pennants flying at 22 feet in the air, MarineMax depends on the dazzling, eye-catching colors of their Dori Poles to draw attention to their location and welcome their guests to the marina. Additionally, pesky birds are kept at bay by the flowing pennants, keeping the dock and boats sparkling and clean.

Another novel use, MarineMax uses their Dori Poles on lead boats as they cruise down the river. As a result, following boats are always aware of the lead boat’s location. Dori Poles also mark important stops on the trip, creating a sense of festivity and fun. The marinas customers love seeing the pennants flying and, more importantly, understand that MarineMax has an eye for detail and a commitment to making their trip memorable and exciting.

If you’ve been looking for a great way to draw attention to your marina that delights your customers and serves a number of important secondary purposes, be sure to visit our online store. And, of course, if you have any questions about the products available on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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