The topic of deterring geese, ducks and nuisance birds from despoiling property is a common topic at Dori Pole. As the manufacturer of the Dori Pole Pennant System and the owner of a lake cottage in Michigan – in an area where birds love to leave their droppings – we know how disheartening it is to see a giant mess left on your docks, rafts and patios. However, in my case, we installed our Dori Pole Pennay System on the dock during the summer and – since 2005 – we have discovered that the Dori Pole is a fantastic way to deter nuisance birds. As a result, our property remains goose-free and even the smaller birds have ceased nesting beneath our Shore Station.

After broadcasting this success, we’ve had several customers reach out to us, providing testimonials about their own experience using Dori Poles to keep unwanted birds off their lake rafts. Here’s one from a recent customer:

“I bought one of your Dori Poles a few weeks back and took it to my cottage where it is mounted on the 8′ x 8′ swim raft, which is anchored about 100′ off shore. In past years, the raft was used by ducks and geese as a latrine, so I didn’t even bother putting the raft out last year. This year, so far, great success: not one bird has used the raft as a toilet! And the flag looks neat, fluttering in the slightest breeze. A recent photo is attached. My cottage and the raft are about 160 miles north of Toronto, near Algonquin Park, Ontario.” (JM in Ontario, Canada)

Another friend from Wisconsin sent us this message, discussing the same issue:

“I had great results with the Dori Pole Junior on our raft. I included a picture which shows that the raft has no bird deposits, and the nice thing about the Dori Pole is that it is not in the way of swimmers using the raft. The Dori Pole is a great product, attractive, light weight and sturdy. We have 2.5 miles of open water in front of our cottage and the wind can be very strong; but the Dori Pole stands up to it just fine.” (TE, Ripon Wisconsin)

So, if you’ve been having difficulty keeping your lakeside property clean, you should consider the Dori Pole Pennant System. Not only can it keep birds from leaving a disgusting mess on your docks and rafts, it’s a great way to brighten up your home and add a little festive cheer to the area. To learn more about using Dori Pole to discourage the congregation of nuisance birds, take a look at the Bird Deterrent Kit, available in our online shop!

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