There’s nothing worse than going out on your deck, boat or patio after a long day and discovering that the birds have done a number on it. Now, rather than a relaxing afternoon, you’re stuck rolling up your sleeves and cleaning up their mess. Thankfully, Dori Pole can afford you a solution! One of the most unexpected uses that we’ve discovered for our Dori Poles is their ability to act as a scarecrow to deter birds, geese, ducks and other nuisance birds.

While we can’t guarantee that it will work perfectly in every case, a number of our customers have raved about their results. Most customers have reported that using the 14 foot long pennant on the 19 foot long pole yields the best results. From keeping birds out of your precious outdoor garden to preventing them from mucking up your lawn furniture, Dori Pole truly is a versatile pennant system.

If you’ve been looking to beautify your lawn, draw attention to your retail establishment or – in this case – prevent birds from tarnishing outdoor merchandise such as cars, RVs, landscaping equipment or more, we encourage you to reach out to one of the experts at Dori Pole today. We’ll discuss the issues that you’re facing, the results you’d like to achieve and help you find the perfect solution!

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