I know this is going to read like an “ad’ for a Dori Pole gizmo, but I don’t know how else to brag about our newest accessory! So, here goes: In  answer to many requests from Dori Pole fans, we’ve come up with a really easy way to attach Dori Poles to your dock or other structure and make sure your Dori Pole is straight and not tilted. Check out our “Dock Mount Kit”. This is a complete assembly that includes a short post, a heavy duty bracket, top Dock Pole Bushing and a horizontal bolt for the Dori Pole to rest on. This kit is a super time-saver and it will last forever! There are no parts to rust. All are aluminum, stainless steel, brass or poly-carbonate (Bushing). If your dock has aluminum stringers, you just need to drill two 3/8” holes and attach. That’s it! If you have a wood stringer, such as a 2×6, you’ll just need to get longer bolts from your local hardware store.

Now, at $79.00 for this Kit, you may say that’s kind of expensive. But, I have to tell you, once you mount this durable, 4-pound piece of well-designed hardware up onto your dock in less than 10 minutes, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that it is worth the cost. And, another cool thing about this Kit is that if your dock stringer is straight and more or less 90 degrees to the water, your Dori Pole will also be straight and 90 degrees to the water. Before this Kit, I’ve had to make sure my own dock posts are not tilted (we have a soft lake bottom) and have fussed with them longer than I care to admit. Now, everything is automatically straight. End of commercial!


-Roger Lepley

President of Consort Display Group

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