In Consort’s home town of Kalamazoo, Michigan, a major community event – the annual 26.2 marathon – has occurred during the first part of May for a number of years. In the last four years, residents near the event have sponsored something that every enterprising marathon needs: a Bacon Station!

Offering a massive selection of porcine goodness, racers are tempted by an assortment of not-entirely-marathon-friendly foods. From bacon muffins and cookies to fudge and more, racers – and spectators – eagerly chow down on the Station’s delectable offerings. And, when the racers overdo it on the Station’s goodies – typically about 50 yards later – the local dogs are all-to-eager to lap up the discarded wares.

To draw attention to the Bacon Station, Dori Pole created custom printed pennant flags that captured the uniqueness of the event. Printed with eye-catching bacon patterns, they alerted racers and spectators to the Station’s presence. Overall, we’re proud to have contributed to this delightful event and happy that we had the opportunity to show our appreciation and support to its participants.

At Dori Pole, we offer the most vibrant, attention-grabbing pennant flags on the market. Custom colors, multiple sizes and countless variations are only some of the offerings available to our amazing customers. If you’ve been looking for a unique way to draw attention to your event or property, give our shop a visit and take look at our awesome pennants!

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