With summer on the horizon, it’s time to start readying your patio for upcoming celebrations. Moving your outdoor furniture, weatherizing your deck and – perhaps most importantly – finding the perfect spot for your grill are all on the agenda. But, how can you keep your freshly organized patio in good shape? What can you do to prevent nuisance birds from making a mess all over your carefully placed set pieces? Well, you’ll be glad to hear that countless Dori Pole customers have been successful in defending their properties against the onslaught of pigeons, geese and ducks! In this post, we’re going to look at how Dori Pole acts as a nuisance bird deterrent.

Constant movement

Because Dori Pole pennant flags move with even the slightest breeze, they are constantly in motion. Not only does this movement keep birds at bay, it creates a dynamic, exciting display for your home’s neighbors and visitors.

Bright colors

The bright colors of Dori Pole pennant flags act in vibrant, noticeable contrast to their backgrounds. This immediacy helps to keep nuisance birds at a distance, not just by scaring them off when they are in close proximity but by acting as a long distance deterrent.


Much like a scarecrow, the towering, intimidating (to birds) silhouette of Dori Pole pennant flags helps to prevent geese, ducks and other nuisance birds from congregating on – or near – your property.

At Dori Pole, our goal was to create a pennant flag system that transcended the limits of style and time. Available in an almost endless variety of dazzling, beautiful color combinations, they are an excellent way to keep your patio clean for summer celebrations and, more importantly, they look good while doing it! If you’re gearing up to prep your property for summer festivities, be sure to visit our shop to learn more about our Dori Poles!

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