Dori Pole pennants have been utilized in countless outdoor settings in the past twenty-five years. Whether they’re being used to draw attention to an upcoming event, guide guests toward a designated location or to add some vibrancy to the area, our pennants are a unique, perpetually stylish way to add some flair to your surroundings.

Kukui’ula Shopping Center is located on the sound end of the island of Kauai, near Poipu. Known as a “garden island” because it is abundant in palm trees and lush greenery, it may seem an unlikely place to add more color! However, Kukui’ula decided that Dori Pole pennants would be a great way to add flowing, attention-grabbing color to the area and cause passersby to take a second look at what the center offers.

In fact, the pennants were so successful that they were subsequently utilized to draw attention other nearby attractions, including the Hanalei Dolphin restaurant. The restaurant employed blue pennants, hoping to add color and movement to their surroundings and attract more visitors. Additionally, they were pleased to find that the pennants kept nuisance birds from congregating – and leaving a mess – on the premises.

Nearby, the Princeville Ranch, south of Hanalei, flew green pennants to invite travelers to stop by. Using three green pennants that are in constant motion, the ranch was ecstatic when they heard from their customers that the pennants made it much, much easier to find them.

At Dori Pole, we’re proud to offer the industry’s best pennants. From a massive selection of rich colors to multiple pole lengths, we have the needs of every customer covered! If you’re reading this, we’re sure that you can think of a place or two that would benefit from the elegant, fluttering beauty of Dori Pole. If that’s the case, we hope you’ll send them our way!

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