We get a lot of questions about our products, especially in regards to their effectiveness as a bird deterrent. So, once and for all, the answer to the question, “Does Dori Pole really prevent birds away from places that it’s installed?” is a resounding, definitive, “Yes!” While I can’t remember, precisely, how we learned about this effect, we first heard about it three years ago wrote to us saying, “Did you know that the pennants seem to discourage geese from loitering under them?” At the time: no, we didn’t!

After receiving that email, we launched into research mode and, after observation, discovered the honest conclusion: almost all types of birds don’t want to be around Dori Pole pennants! We suspect that this effect is likely due to their constant movement and position high in the sky. In fact, with our own lake dock in Michigan, I started personally noticing that there was a distinct lack of goose mess in the general vicinity.

And that’s that! Without the typical residue from nasty chemical or the annoyance of repetitive sounds, Dori Pole is a real, effective and humane bird deterrent.

Naturally, Dori Pole was not invented as a bird deterrent, it was created to be a tall, elegant pennant product that drew attention to businesses and private properties. Over time, though, deterring birds has become one of its main selling points, especially to owners of lake homes and cottages. In fact, a number of golf courses are also using strategically positioned Dori Poles to keep their fairways clean!

So, if you’ve been looking for a safe, aesthetically pleasing and – most importantly – effective way to keep your property clean, be sure to have a look at our online catalog! With a wide variety of styles, colors and heights available, we’re certain that you’ll find the perfect pennant to not only beautify your property but to ensure that it remains pristine!

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