The easiest way to start your own Dori Pole collection is with one of our Complete Dori Pole kits. Our whimsical pennant flags and poles add a beautiful design element to any outdoor space. Dori Poles are found at homes, businesses, golf courses, festivals, colleges, weddings and tailgating events. Customers love to see our long, colorful flags floating beautifully in the wind. Ready to add one to your space? Our Complete Kits include everything you need in one easy package.

It’s easy to fall in love with our Dori Pole pennants. When you are purchasing your first kit, or are choosing one as a gift, our Complete Kits are a convenient alternative to buying all of the pieces separately. With six kits to choose from you’ll still have plenty of options to make your Dori Pole customized to be uniquely you.

Each of our complete kits include a nylon banner, a fiberglass pole, and mounting hardware. The options for mounting hardware coordinate with the kit theme. For example, our bird deterrent kits are frequently used near the water, so their mounting brackets are either a dock mount or ground stake. Our tailgating kit includes a wheel stand – so you can fly your school colors wherever you get together to cheer on your favorite team.

We want to make shopping for a Dori Pole kit as fun as flying one. Browse our Complete Dori Pole Kits and customize one or more for yourself. You might struggle choosing just one! Fly your favorite school colors with the Tailgating Kit – get in the spirit with the old red, white and blue in our Patriotic Bird Deterrent Kit – or even color code your space with our solid color and two-color kits. Whatever you choose we know you’ll enjoy the breezy, festive feel of your pennant.

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