The Dori Pole from Consort Display group can bring life to any winter setting through its use of vibrant colors and patterns. Winter can be a downer with the constant grayed-out appearance of the outdoors, but the colors of Dori Pole will brighten your home or business with colors that stand out and draw attention.

Simplicity is sometimes best

Have a favorite color? Want to match your company logo? Dori Pole can provide a solution to these questions and more with the simple color options for your custom pennants. From black to white, and all the colors of the spectrum, Dori Pole has the selection of color that you can use this winter season. No matter which you choose, the motion of Dori Pole’s custom pennants combined with their bright colors are sure to draw attention.

Support a team

Dori Pole sells collegiate color combinations, so you can support your favorite college teams throughout the winter. With sports like volleyball, hockey, and more still going through the winter after the football season is over, you can continue to show your support with a custom pennant from Dori Pole. Offering almost any color combination you can be sure that we have the dual-color pennant to help you show your support.

Make it custom

If you want a pennant that has a little extra on it, you can brighten up winter with a custom digitally printed pennant. From checkerboard patterns to multicolor pennants, you can get the perfect design that fits what you’re looking for. Dori Pole’s custom pennants are always designed with your ideal look in mind, and we’ll work with you to make sure it turns out perfect.

As a beautifying, bird deterring, and captivating flag, the custom pennants from Dori Pole are the addition you need this winter. Bring color and movement to your property by investing in the best pennant flag system: Dori Pole.

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