Looking for an impressive outdoor decoration for your holiday events? If you are looking for a way to bring festive colors to your holiday event space, there is no better choice than the pennant flags provided by Dori Pole. Coming in a variety of colors to fit any holiday celebration, the pennants from Dori Pole offer a great way to instantly enhance the look of any space.

Fly Festive Holiday Colors

Offering a wide range of patterns and colors, the pennants from Dori Pole can make excellent event flags for any winter holiday. With over 30 individual colors available for our solid flags, as well as multi color flags that can enhance your outdoor display, whether you are looking for flags with a wide range of colors to help reign in the new year or want a festive display of reds and greens for your event space, the pennant flags from Dori Pole can help provide you with an outdoor decoration that fits the theme of any winter holiday.

Keep Your Poles Ready for Every Holiday Occasion

The pennant flags from Dori Pole can make for excellent outdoor decorations at any winter holiday celebration, so much so that you may want to use them again every year. Featuring a design with manageable components, the pennant flags and portable fiberglass poles offer easy installation and storage. Featuring a telescoping design on the 13.5’ and 19’ fiberglass poles, and a two-piece design for the 12’ Dori Pole Jr., you’ll easily be able set your pennant flags up for any holiday event, and will also be able to take them down, whether due to harsh weather, or due to the changing season, allowing you to keep your pennant flag in pristine condition until the holiday season comes around again.

Offering pennants that can provide flying holiday colors and mounting options that can ensure you’ll always be able to display the holiday spirit with flying pennants, When you need to find the perfect outdoor display to bring flying colors to your holiday events, the pennant flags available from Dori Pole can make for an excellent outdoor decoration for any venue. Browse our pennant flags and mounting options online or contact us to learn more about the pennant flags from Dori Pole.

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