Are you one of those super fans that wears your lucky jersey, miss-matches your socks, and gets the exact same food ready for game day? Cool! You’re not alone, especially at our offices. Rivalries go hand in hand with game day rituals – and our collegiate pennant flags are a great way to show off your team pride. Whether you’re staying home in your lucky chair or heading out to tailgate we’ve got impressive pennant flags that’ll let everyone know which team is loved the most.

Have a Friendly Rivalry with a nutty neighbor or a kooky cousin? If you can’t seem to get through to them about how your team is clearly better, how about staking your convictions in the yard with a 8 – 14’ collegiate pennant? Let them and everyone else know that on sheer loyalty alone, your team is going to dominate the competition. You could even buy the 14 footer for yourself, and if you’re one of those divided households, you can magnanimously order the 8 footer for the spouse. 😉

Are You A Die-Hard Tailgater? If you’re there through sunshine, rain, and snow, we’ve got just what you need to cheer on everyone who’s come out to root for the team. Our Complete Tailgating Kit includes an 8’ collegiate pennant flag and a 13.5’ mid-rise fiberglass pole. This kit also includes a wheel stand, designed specifically to be set up near a vehicle and anchored under the weight of the wheel. Easy up and easy down, the tailgating kit is a highly visible way to direct friends to your location. Great looking in any weather, you’ll have 8 feet of team pride ready to go on game day.

Whichever way you go – setting up a pennant in the yard or setting up the ultimate in tailgating parties, we hope you have a great season. And don’t believe what any of the doubters say, we both know every bit of effort counts. Go Team!

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