Even in October, our clients are ordering bird deterrents. When we’re spending less time outdoors we may forget about some of the annoying habits of nuisance birds, but now is the time to preserve your summer efforts. Don’t let nuisance birds move into areas they aren’t welcome, or damage your property.

Birds On The Move. Sometimes. Even species of birds we see year-round tend to migrate. When you stop seeing or hearing signs of your local nuisance bird, be aware that it’s northern cousin might decide to come along and take its place. If the visitors leave nests or other evidence that your property is a great place to live, they’ll attract like species. Birds acclimate to their location, and birds of one species can be spread across a large stretch of geography. So, the black capped chickadees you were seeing this summer here in Michigan, are moving south for the winter while their cousins from Saskatchewan come down here to warm up.

Less Food Available. We know that birds generally need to migrate. (Unless you’re a Canadian goose, then you might decide to hang around all year.) During migration birds burn a lot of calories and need to make pit stops to refuel. At the same time, food is becoming scarcer because we’re at the end of the growing season. When we tidy up our yards and bag up fall perennial plant debris in conjunction with our grass hibernating, there is less food to forage. Woodpeckers may just decide to look for insects in your wood siding, and water fowl may dig up your yard looking for a meal. Keeping a Dori Pole fluttering in your yard can encourage birds to look elsewhere.

Dori Poles are beautiful and useful even in the cold weather months. Always helpful as bird deterrents, their colorful movement is a pretty contrast when the snow comes along. Order a Complete Dori Pole Kit today to keep those nuisance birds away year-round.


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