With our headquarters being located in Michigan, and a large part of our Dori Pole customers living in Michigan, and the Northern region of the U.S. we get this question often. As we are starting to experience colder weather, snowfall, and frost, we felt that now would be a good time to address this topic, and you may be surprised by the answer.

So, can you keep your Dori Pole pole and pennant up during the snowy winter months?

Yes! All Dori Poles and Pennants are weather resistant for typically non-catastrophic conditions from the equator up to the Arctic Circle and down to the Antarctic Circle.The pole is pultruded fiberglass and is manufactured with the same materials as fiberglass flag poles, which generally can withstand temperatures of +120⁰ F down to -50⁰ F. We have Dori Pole installations in North America in virtually every weather condition. Our home base is Michigan where many poles and pennants are left out year around, including at our manufacturing facility. Here, we never take a pole down even when there’s violently blustery blizzards battering us. However, for the greatest longevity of pennant life, we do recommend that the pennants be removed when winds above 35mph are forecast. We don’t do that, but we recommend that YOU do that! Why? Our pennants are, of course, fabric – the best SolarMax nylon available – but we all know that typical flags get battered by wind and extreme conditions will shorten their life.

Still concerned about the wind and how it will affect your Dori Pole?

Our official statement on this is that Dori Poles are warranted in winds up to 35 mph and that pennants should not be flown when wind gusts exceed 35 mph. In most US states, the average wind speed is 6 mph to 15 mph and rarely gets to 35 mph. Dori Poles have routinely withstood 50 mph with typically no negative affects but, due to other objects that might be flying around in those sorts of conditions which may damage the Dori Poles or pennants, we cannot warrant the product above 35 mph. Since the pennants fly straight out horizontally during heavy winds there is not much wind resistance. But, Dori Poles are usually easily temporarily taken down if a major storm in predicted.

Hopefully this clears things up for everyone and gives you the confidence to fly your Dori Pole pennant year-round! Especially since we have loads of festive options, such as our Gold pennants for Thanksgiving, and our Canada Red and Irish Green pennants for Christmas!


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