Once we pass the autumn season and transition into the winter months, a bright pop of color and movement make the Dori Pole system an ideal addition for outdoor advertising. There is a lot of competition for retail dollars during the winter holidays, why not help your location stand out from the rest with colorful pennants?

What color should I get? This is a classic question we hear year-round. There are so many fun options in our catalog that it can be hard to pick just one. We would suggest either holiday colors or your corporate colors. Holiday colors are festive, and draw the eye. As a secondary set for advertising these will absolutely be valuable. Corporate colors help your established clients find your location quickly, and have a longer range of usefulness. Dori Pole pennants are great for cutting through the clutter – making either choice a welcome addition to the winter landscape.

What are my outdoor mounting options? The standard outdoor advertising kit comes with our 19’ fiberglass pole and a 14’ promotional flag. You also choose either a ground stake, or a wheel stand. These are available in our complete kits with the options of either the Two-Color Advertising / Event Kit or the Solid Color Advertising / Event Kit. We have a complete pallet of colors for you to choose from with either option.

Don’t forget to check out our Dori Pole Facebook page. We feature photos of our beautiful banners sent in by clients worldwide, and offer special discounts too. These are a great opportunity to add variety to your color scheme or to add additional pennant system to your collection. Please share a photo or video of your outdoor advertising with a Dori Pole pennant – we’d love to see your creativity in action!

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