Pennant flags have been around for centuries because we all enjoy a burst of color combined with the graceful movement of the fabric dancing with the wind.  Available in a multitude of one and two-color designs, Dori Poles add a festive feel to community events, and our different sizes and options guarantee you’ll find the right set of pennants to match your event.

Prevent Your Pennant From Tangling On The Pole. Our Dori Pole system is unique because we use a non-tangling, swiveling yoke bracket. That means that the top of your pennant flag is free to move with the wind, no matter which direction it’s coming from. The rotating yoke arms help your pennant resist tangling on the pole, and keep your flags dancing merrily.

Find The Right Size For Your Event. Dori Poles come in 12’ – 13.5’ – 19’ – and 22’ heights, with differing lengths of flags recommended for each. If you aren’t sure which size pole / pennant is right for you, contact our representatives. They’ll ask about the location where the pennants will fly, and which mounting hardware you want to use. They’re always happy to share their experience.

Find The Colors You’re Looking For. With over 35 available colors, in both one and two color options, many customers find the right color combinations from our catalog. We even have a line of limited edition specialty pennants that include a multicolor, checkerboard, or pirate option. When you need a more custom option, our designers can help you create a custom pennant for a minimal fee.

From their great functionality, to their versatility, and their colorful designs, Dori Pole is a valuable addition to any community event. Show off your local pride, and enjoy the classic beauty of pennant flags with a modern presentation. Contact Dori Pole today to get your order started.

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