We’re frequently proud to fly our patriotic pennant flag outside of our offices here in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but are especially proud to do so now during the Winter Olympics. The Olympics and Paralympics are truly a time for nations to come together in friendly (yet intense) competition. Whether you’re glued to the downhill slalom or trying out some of the new lingo from the snowboarding half pipe, cheer on our athletes with our red, white and blue pennant flag.

A Global Tailgating Party. Year round, we receive orders for our collegiate banners from fans out supporting their favorite college team. We’re love that we get to be present at tailgating events across the country; sometimes you’ll see our pennant flags flying to celebrate both teams! Our tailgating kit is perfect for easy set up in a parking lot or field next to your coolers and mobile party. An 8 foot collegiate flag, 13 and a half foot fiberglass pole and a wheel stand come standard in our kit.

Join The Tribe. Although sports fans like to cheer for their chosen teams, when it comes to the Olympics we cross some of those old lines and join together with all of our neighbors. The Olympics are great at bringing old rivals together to cheer for the home team.

The other amazing aspect of this global event is that while we’re excited to see our country succeed, we’re also thrilled to see the amazing limits these athletes push themselves to no matter their country of origin. So, while our global focus turns to PyeongChang, South Korea for the Olympic and Paralympic events, we hope you’ll join us in cheering for these athletes who are inspiring all of us back at home!

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