When thinking about setting up a Dori Pole for your event, business, or personal use, it’s important to get a quality fiberglass pole that will hold up long-term. Not only that, but it’s also worth noting the height of pole that you might need in your particular circumstances. At Dori Pole, we have a variety of Dori Poles to choose from, and, depending on your needs, we can help you find the right one for you.

Flexibility and reliability

All our Dori Poles stand tall with fiberglass poles. Their lightweight frames allow you to easily install a Dori Pole wherever you need. Compared to other materials, the fiberglass pole also remains flexible in strong wind conditions. Our fiberglass poles are also designed to swivel in the same winds, so your pennant flag will have a much harder time getting tangled on the pole.

A strong foundation

Our Dori Poles are easy to install with our versatile mounting hardware. With a simple pounding tool like a hammer, our ground stakes and ground tubes may be lodged into the ground, giving the fiberglass pole a solid base to rotate upon. Even when installing our Dori Poles with a raft mount or dock mount, your fiberglass pole will stand tall, secured in place by trustworthy hardware.

Height matters

Depending on your need, we offer a selection of different heights for your Dori Pole. From our tallest fiberglass pole, standing at 22’, your amusement park, zoo, or car dealership are the ideal spots for this long-term Dori Pole. If you want something more on the modest side, consider our 12’ Dori Pole Jr., perfect for home sales, graduation parties and more! Whatever your need, our fiberglass poles come in a height for you, and with their easy telescoping and two-piece attachment extenders, you will get the max height at almost no effort.

At Dori Pole, it is our goal to help you get the most out of our products. Whether you need a bird deterrent or a great way to advertise, our Dori Poles are sure to do the job!

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