Now that our temperatures are finally starting to stabilize in a warmer direction, we at Dori Pole are getting ready to help bring customers to your retail events with our custom dori poles and pennants. Whether it’s an automobile sale, an arts and crafts fair, or a food truck rally, there are plenty of opportunities to show off a dori pole and get your stand noticed at a retail event.

Make an impression

As you know, retail events can get hectic and a little competitive between stands, so you need the best way to stand out from the crowd. With our tall, bright dori poles and pennants, you won’t have to worry about getting noticed any longer. When you fly a pennant flag from our dori pole, you can be sure that shoppers will be drawn toward your display.

Get the right bundle

If you already have a pennant, mount, or any other equipment to set up your pole, we can provide the missing parts. But, if you are starting from scratch and would like to get everything in one place, we also offer kits for dori poles and their components, so you can acquire all the parts you need in one go. With a choice of one solid color or two-color advertising kits, you can get the right pennant for your specific branding to take your retail event stand to the next level.

Advertise anywhere

No matter where your retail event is located, our dori poles have mounting options to help you stand out. For any sales done in a yard or park, we have ground mounting options. But, if you’re on asphalt, you can even mount your dori pole on your car’s wheel!

Operating since 1984, Dori Pole Pennant Systems are a tried and true product for dispelling birds, boosting sales, and showing off your team spirit. With a variety of options and features, you can be sure to find a dori pole that suits your needs.

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