As we continue onward into summer, the time of year comes once again to include some form of bird deterrent on your lake dock and boat lift.  We know that birds can cause a mess on your lakefront, and we’re here to remind you that with Dori Pole, you can deter birds in a hands-off way that looks great.

Anywhere on your waterfront

When you make the decision to install a Dori Pole on your lake property, there are many ways you can decide to keep the birds away. With our mounting hardware, you can install Dori Poles to your dock or raft with ease. Fitting our 12, 13.5, and 19-foot-long Dori Poles, you are sure to be able to find the type of pole and mounting hardware you need. If you would rather insert your Dori Pole into the ground on your beach, we also carry ground stakes and sleeves that will keep your Dori Pole standing strong.

The colors to fit your fancy

Our Dori Pole pennants come in a variety of colors so that your waterfront Dori Poles can be personalized. With a wide selection of simple and custom colors, you can decorate your bird-repelling Dori Pole with your favorite sports team’s colors, your alma mater’s colors, or, simply, your favorite color.

Which works best

If you’re looking to get birds away from your dock or shoreline, our experience has shown that the 14’ pennant and 19’ pole is the most effective deterrent. The noise and movement of the pennant on our Dori Poles does the job of keeping your dock and beach clear, in a harmless and fashionable way.

With years of experience and a track record of satisfied clients, Dori Pole is the display pole you need to attract and welcome. With eye-catching pennants flying with vibrant colors, Dori Pole will keep birds at bay and bring attention where you need it.

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