If you have an outdoor summer wedding this season, or are planning one for a future year, consider adding Dori Poles to brighten up your venue with custom pennant flags. The pennants offered by Dori Pole flow beautifully in the wind and are a great way to add some extra flair to a special event.

Match your wedding colors

We at Dori Pole know that the theme and color scheme of weddings are important, and that’s why we’re proud to be able to offer more than 30 colors for your custom pennant flags. With the options available with Dori Pole, we know you can the perfect combination of colors for your outdoor wedding. And, depending on the size of Dori Pole purchased, we can offer pennant flags with two different colors.

Dependable durability

If you’re worried about high winds putting your pennants at risk during your ceremony, don’t be! All Dori Pole nylon pennants are made with SolarMax® brand nylon, which is lightweight, strong, abrasion resistant, and washable. So, no matter what conditions occur on your big day, you can depend on your custom pennant flag to fly strong.

Don’t be interrupted by pesky birds

With Dori Pole pennants flying high, no birds will interrupt your ceremony, as Dori Pole’s 14’ long pennant with our 19’ pole act as a bird deterrent. Your outdoor wedding will go completely uninterrupted by any unwanted birds if you use these specific poles and custom pennants. Easy to set up and add ambience to your wedding, Dori Poles are a great way for you to improve your event.

Putting up Dori Poles since 1984, Dori Pole has the experience you need to give your locations an exciting and eye-catching addition. With different colors and different pole lengths, you can contact us and find the perfect Dori Pole for you today!

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