As we approach winter and the last arts and crafts fairs of the year are coming and going quickly, it’s time to make your investment in Dori Pole and bring attention to your stand. It can be hard to give your stall something that makes it stand out, but with the attention-grabbing and attractive appearance of Dori Pole, you can be sure that people will give you products a look-over.

Get the size that works

The strong and durable fiberglass poles that Dori Pole offers come in multiple sizes so that you can get the right sized pole for your stand. For a simple and small pole, the Dori Pole JR is our smallest size, but can still have your pennant flying. For a taller option for outdoor venues with a lot of space, you can opt for the 13.5’ or 19’ poles. Every fiberglass pole stands tall and strong, even in conditions that involve high-speed winds.

Get the kit

Dori Pole offers bundles for our clients, and one such bundle is the outdoor advertising kit, the perfect solution for your arts and crafts fair stands. Offering a 19’ fiberglass pole, a 14’ promotional flag, and a ground stake or wheel stand, the outdoor advertising kit gives you everything you need to complete your Dori Pole and bring attention to your stand.

Use your skills

Dori Pole offers a variety of colors for your pennant flag to go on your pole, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay just that color. With the skills that you bring to an arts and crafts festival, adding your own personal touch to your flag or pole can bring even more uniqueness and attention to your stand. By putting a spin on your Dori Pole, your pole will represent you and your business to a new degree.

The lightweight, flexible, and beautiful Dori Pole is your best way to get noticed and bring an attractive accent to a beach, outdoor market, restaurant porch area, and more. With different options of flags and poles for your unique situation, see what Dori Pole can offer you today!

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