Whether you fly Dori Pole for a business or at your home, you can get the perfect pennant to match your branding or personal tastes. With tons of options available for you to choose from, Dori Pole has the size and colors that you need to fit any occasion and match your situation. No matter if you already own one of our Dori Poles or need to buy your first, we have what you need.

Size it up

Dori Pole offers each client the choice of either 14’ or 8’ pennants depending on which pole you’re getting. Our larger Dori Poles are telescoping, and our largest one reaches all the way to 22’! With a fiberglass pole flying a colorful pennant that high up in the air, you are sure to grab the attention of onlookers and get people interested in your business.

Buy low

Because we love to offer so many different options for your colors, we occasionally have some of our pennants marked down in our pennant outlet store. Whether you’re bored of your current pennant colors or you want to get your very first, Dori Pole has plenty of options for you to choose from, all at a great sale price. Our outlet store pennants are limited in quantity, so make sure to get the one that you prefer sooner than later!

Tis the season

Now that it’s getting into winter months, you can feature Christmas colors for your Dori Pole! Our Dori Pole and pennants are A-Okay to leave out for the winter, and you can get them in festive colors to match the upcoming holiday season. Whether its red and green for Christmas or white and blue for Hanukkah, your family can have the perfect pennants to match.

Operating for over 30 years, Dori Pole is the timeless and beautiful addition that can bring life to any business or home. With the variety of options offered and great service, Dori Pole has what you need.

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